High School Newsletter: May 6, 2019

High School Newsletter: May 6, 2019

Dear K2 HS Dragon families,

It is hard to believe, but we only have FIVE WEEKS LEFT IN THE SCHOOL YEAR!!

This week begins the MONTH OF TESTING! We are kicking this off with AP testing!

As you know, in HS it is incredibly important to ensure that your child finishes strong by passing all of their classes, and earning credit in order to move up to the next grade level.  Here are some important upcoming dates and deadlines:

  • – 5/17 = Last day for projects to be due by teachers
  • – 6/5 @5 pm = Last chance for projects to be submitted by students
  • – 6/7 = Last day to take a content assessment before Summer Office Hours is required
  • – 6/14 = Final END OF YEAR GRADES sent home

We also have MANY testing dates coming up:

  • 5/7 = AP Spanish Language Exam
  • 5/10 = AP US History
  • 5/15 = AP English Language (mandatory for all 11th graders)
  • Week of 5/13 = Makeup MAP Testing
  • 5/20 – 5/23 = Physical Fitness testing (mandatory for all 9th graders)

What you can do to ensure that your child is finishing the year strong:

  • – Check in with them on a daily basis by looking at their PLP with them (remember, any red means a project or focus area is overdue)
  • – Check in with their mentor if you are worried about their progress (contact info is below)
  • – Ensure that they are working for AT LEAST 1 hour every night at home on taking notes and studying for assessments
  • – Encourage them to stick with it and do their BEST!

Please ensure that your student comes to school with a charged Chromebook, gotten a good night’s rest, and encourage them to do their BEST!

Lastly, Teacher Appreciation Week is here! Please see sign up sheet below for more info. We would love more donations for breakfast on Tuesday!

Check out our Summit K2 Facebook page for updates and more https://www.facebook.com/summitk2/

Thank you for being partners in your children’s education and an active member of our K2 Community!

In partnership,

Shilpa Duvoor