High School Newsletter: January 14, 2019

High School Newsletter: January 14, 2019

(Image above: Check out K2’s fabulous Community Service Club! They raised over $400, and dropped $500 worth of toys to the Oakland Children’s Hospital!)


Dear K2 HS Dragon families,

Happy Monday and start to the new semester!! We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Winter Break!

School Wide Goal #1: During January and February, we will be focusing on the Core Characteristic of RESPECT. Campus wide efforts have been made to keep classroom expectations consistent. Additionally, we are using the incentive of Flame Points to help motivate students to show RESPECT towards each other and towards their teachers. Students who have garnered the most Flame Points will be honored in our next Flame Points assembly and can earn certain privileges such as off campus lunch! Please encourage your child to show RESPECT to their teachers and peers.

Lastly, to promote a culture of respect, compassion, and empathy, we have decided to host K2’s first ever Challenge Day for our 8th and 9th grade classes!!!! We are striving for Challenge Day to be the time when barriers between students can come down and the students will be able to trust each other more than they have allowed themselves to do in the past semester. Multiple schools across the country have done a Challenge Day, and it has often been quoted as one of the most powerful experiences of a student’s HS career. Challenge Day (click on the link for more info) for the 9th grade is happening this Wednesday, January 16th!  Lunch and water will be provided to the students. If you are willing and able to volunteer this week please contact Dean Thorman at mthorman@summitps.org.

School Wide Goal #2: We will also be focusing on increasing the number of students who are on track in their Power Focus Areas! Remember, a student MUST pass ALL power focus areas in order to pass a class. We are seeking to have 85% of students on track or 1-4 PFAs behind the line by February 15th. Please encourage your child to go to Office Hours Monday – Thursday, from 3:30 – 4:20 pm. The mentor group that has the most amount of students on track or 1 behind will receive Starbucks gift cards, and the individual students that have made the most growth are eligible for off campus lunch!

School Wide Goal #3: Lastly, we are making a push for stronger attendance. We are seeking to increase our attendance rate from 94.5% to 96% by February 15th. While 1.5% may not seem like a lot, having a high attendance rate is central to our mission to ensure that ALL students are prepared for college! Regular attendance is the #1 determining factor of a student’s academic success. Please ensure that your child is ON TIME to school and is in attendance EVERY DAY!  The mentor group that has the highest attendance rate will receive Starbucks gift cards!

A reminder that your child’s second progress report has been mailed out on Friday, January 11th! Please look out for your child’s report and discuss their grades with them.  A grade of “Incomplete” indicates that your child is not passing, and additional interventions will be needed in order for them to reasonably pass the school year. We will be contacting you if your student has multiple incompletes.

Lastly, recruitment and enrollment season is in FULL SWING! We are looking for volunteers to help.

Parent and Student Ambassador Group:
Recruitment season is here! Applications for next year have already gone live, and we are already receiving many applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Summit K2 is seeking to start a Parent and Student Ambassador Group for those who are interested in helping with recruiting the next generation of K2 Dragons. Joining the group will allow you to help with recruitment in any number of ways that you choose: canvass directly at key schools, host tours for prospective families & students, call prospective families, attend Open Houses and canvass at key community events. K2 needs your help to ensure we are fully enrolled next year!

Please reach out to Shilpa Duvoor at sduvoor@summitps.org if you are interested in being a part of this group.

Thank you for being partners in your children’s education and an active member of our K2 Community!

In partnership,

Shilpa Duvoor, Elysse Verser, and Nayeli Hernandez


High School Office Hours and General After-school PLT

Monday- 3:30-4:20 pm- Office Hours- (English & History)
Tuesday- 3:40-5 pm- General PLT
Wednesday- 3:30-4:20 pm- Office Hours (Math & Science)
Thursday- 3:40-5 pm- General PLT

After-school Enrichment
Mondays – Berkeley Send for C Engineering Club
Mondays & Wednesdays- SAT Prep Club



Consistent on time attendance is one of the largest factors that contribute to student success. Unfortunately, we are noticing many students arriving late to class at the start of the day. We are seeking to drastically reduce our morning tardies.

Please partner WITH us to ensure that your child is arriving to school ON TIME:

  • MS = Drop your student off by 7:55 am, class starts at 8 am SHARP
  • HS = Drop your student off by 8:15 am, class starts at 8:20 am SHARP
  • Talk with your child about taking the BART or bus so that they can arrive to school EARLY
  • Talk with your child about going straight to school, and NOT taking a long time at Safeway in the morning. Many students are arriving late with Starbucks. If this is a pattern, their Starbucks will be confiscated, and parents will be notified.
  • Please ensure your child has a notebook, pen/pencil, and a charged Chromebook so that they can be prepared for school!



— Please mark your calendars! —

Wed, January 16th = Challenge Day for 9th graders
Thurs, January 17th = Challenge Day for 8th graders
Fri, January 18th = MAP Testing (English) for 9th & 10th graders
Mon, January 21st = NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)
Tues, January 22nd = Prospective Parent Tour (8:30 – 9:30 am)

February 7th – 8th = HS College Study Trips!

We are looking for food and monetary donations, as well as chaperones! Please keep an eye out for the permission slip that is coming home this week!