Our Team

High-Quality Teachers

Summit Public Schools has a world-class faculty collaborating to achieve our common mission: providing college opportunity and access to every student.  Faculty at Summit Public Schools have the remarkable capacity for connecting with young people, have a passion for their subjects, and have a strong level of dedication, respect and compassion for students.

Name Role Email
 Kelly Garcia  Executive Director  kgarcia@summitps.org
 Shilpa Duvoor   Assistant Director  sduvoor@summitps.org
 Nayeli Hernandez  Operations Manager  nhernandez@summitps.org
 Alexia Crayton  Office Assistant  acrayton@summitps.org
 Doug Cardamone  Academic Coach, 8th grade co-mentor  dcardamone@summitps.org
 Alycia Mulgrew  Education Specialist, 8th grade mentor  amulgrew@summitps.org
 Robel Espino  Special Education Assistant  respino@summitps.org
 Mara Kelly Yurdin  ASL Interpreter  mkelleyyurdin@summitps.org
 James Kahler  Humanities 7, English 9, 7th grade mentor  jkahler@summitps.org
 Katie McCabe  English 8, English 9, 8th grade mentor  kmccabe@summitps.org
 Miguel Gravelle  Humanities 7, History 9, 9th grade Mentor  mgravelle@summitps.org
 Joi Jackson  Humanities 7, History 8, 7th grade Mentor  jjackson@summitps.org
 Eric Jones  Math 7, Math 8, 8th grade Mentor  ejones@summitps.org
 Mark Rizkallah  Math 8, Math 9, 9th grade Mentor  mrizkallah@summitps.org
 Ileah Kirchoff  Science 8, Biology, 9th grade Mentor  ikirchoff@summitps.org
 Diana Bernales Lock  Spanish 1, Spanish 3, 9th grade Mentor  dbernaleslock@summitps.org
 Allison Orkney  Science 7, Science 8, 7th grade Mentor  aorkney@summitps.org
 Corina Balsamo  Academic Coach, Summit Reads  cbalsamo@summitps.org
 Alyssa Montantes  Academic Coach, Summit Reads, Summit Solves  amontantes@summitps.org
 Jason Walker  Academic Coach, Summit Solves  jwalker@summitps.org
 Hannah Ayers  Academic Coach, Summit Solves  hayers@summitps.org