Our Model

High-Quality Learning Every Minute of Every Day

We believe deeply that every student is capable of being college and career ready and should have access to high-performing 21st century schools that prepare them to succeed in a four year college, as well as to be Silicon Valley's next generation of innovators and leaders.  Our optimism for the future of public education stems from a belief that technology will accelerate the long-overdue redesign of public schools in America, as it has with so many other industries. 

Our schools work to provide every student with a personalized education, delivering exactly what they need, when they need and how the need to ensure success in college, career and life.

Our model

  • allows students to self-direct their learning

  • provides opportunities for deeper skills development across curricula

  • offers authentic, real-world experiences that allow students to explore passions and careers

  • personalizes a student’s pathway through a competency-based progression

  • ensures meaningful opportunities for students to foster community and a sense of belonging