Summer Resources

Please see the links below for some useful resources for keeping your child's reading and math skills fresh and to prepare for the upcoming year.  Remember, it is most important for students to read, read, and read more to maintain and improve literary skills, and that building a strong foundation in mathematics is all about practice, practice, practice!

Math/Logic Resources:
    • Khan Academy -
      • An excellent resource for practicing a variety of math problems.  You will need to create an account for your child either through facebook, gmail, or email.  Once you reach the dashboard, it would be best for students to work on the "6th grade" link, or earlier links as you see fit.

Reading List & Vocabulary Resources:
    • FCPS Suggested Summer Reading List -
      • This is just one example of many suggested reading lists that can be found online for rising 7th graders.  This is a nice, comprehensive list that shows both fiction (F) and nonfiction (NF) options and provides a brief description of each title.  As suggested in the introduction, it is a good idea to go through the list with your student to help them make appropriate choices.
    • Vocabulary Tests for 6th Graders -
      • This site has 15 sets of vocabulary words appropriate for 6th graders.  In each set, students can choose from 17 different formats through which to practice the vocabulary and test their knowledge of the words on the list.  You can even create a user test using vocabulary lists and definitions your child had in their class last year.
    • Quizlet -
      • Another great resource for creating your own flashcards to practice vocabulary.  Students benefit from creating the flashcards initially, and then from studying them.

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