Summit K2 August 2017 Bulletin

Summit K2 August 2017 Bulletin


Back to School Night!
Thursday, August 24
6:30 pm in MS Gym

Come meet your child’s teachers and mentor!

Learn about the courses they are taking, and find out more about athletics and vounteering!


HS Girls Volleyball

Open Gym Practice
August 30 from 7 – 9 pm at K2

HS Girls & Boys Basketball

Parent Meeting & Conditioning
August 28 @7 pm at Tam

PICK UP/DROP OFF Do’s & Don’ts

  • DO use the upper lot FIRST for pick up/drop off.
  • DO PARK in a designated space in the lower lot, IF the upper lot is full.
  • DO circle around the block if the lower lot is full.
  • DO pick up at Safeway and/or BART to reduce congestion.
  • Do NOT leave your care double parked in the lower lot — this stops the flow of traffic and creates a large traffic jam!!
  • Do NOT turn left out of the lower lot — only right!
    Thank you for a fabulous 1st week of school! Students are having fun, getting to know their teachers, and settling in.


Here are some quick reminders for Week 2:

Good Neighbor Handbook

You should have received an email from our online system, Chalk, to sign and submit the Good Neighbor Handbook. Our use permit REQUIRES that 100% of families sign the Good Neighbor Handbook, which contains our school rules on pick up & drop off. We have already started to receive a few complaints from the city regarding traffic. Getting all of our signed handbooks in will go a long way. Please don’t delay — sign it!!

MAP Testing

Currently, MAP testing is under way. The NWEA MAP test is a nationally normed Reading and Math test. At K2, we use this test as a way to determine the best fit reading and math intervention class for your child (Summit Solves and Summit Reads). Please encourage your child to do well! We will continue MAP testing next week on Monday, August 28th.

After school Office Hours schedule

Starting August 21st, Summit K2 will provide Office Hours, a quiet place where students can work, and get help from their subject area teachers. This will be provided Monday – Thursday, from 3:40 – 5:00 pm. We would love for students to start their year off strong and stay for Office Hours to work on their playlists! Please encourage your child to stay, and remember that they cannot go off campus and come back.


We would love to have parent volunteers at K2! Currently, we need someone to help with morning and afternoon traffic duty, as well as front desk coverage. Please email if you are interested in helping!